Sant’Antonio’s Church Complex

Sant’Antonio’s Church Complex

The restoration of the Church of Sant’Antonio, is a necessary and indispensable intervention to provide protection against wear of time and decorum to this religious complex among the oldest in the city of Caserta, dating back to the sixteenth century origin. The last radical and total work was made in the year 1963 and thereafter were carried out painting works, which, unfortunately, have little in view of the historical and artistic value of the asset. The main type of interventions that include the restoration of the complex, refer to paintings in particular, paintwork and restoration of the interior friezes with accessory works recovery and conservative maintenance. It is therefore only a partial intervention that affects the inside of the church and does not treat instead consolidations, functional modification of the premises and the restoration and recovery of the external painting and the main facade, nevertheless the general conditions of the church require that before interior restoration paintings and restoration of friezes, to carry out certain actions accessories to restore or replace damaged parts at the conclusion of the work will give the whole brightness, gloss and aesthetic improvement hoped for the religious building.

The actions to be implemented, have been jointly and objectively identified in the project and concern specifically: preserve friezes, festoons, rosettes, floral motifs and existing garlands, repaint the church simplifying the number of shades of color also in relation to the origin of the religious complex, that is, the church used by the monastic orders that historically and culturally favored simple and clear aspects of life and works that represented. They will be chosen colors and light tones while for the funds and the walls will reduce drastically in black color scale, in order to make the church more luminous. They have defined the colors and shades of paint to use, comparing the traces of previous paintings in substrate of the samples and it was clearly detected the tone of a lighter color than the current, and mostly with small percentage in the chromatic scale black, very negative aspect in the overall brightness of the church. As regards the friezes, festoons, decorations and rosettes the intervention will be total recovery and restoration of current colors with the coded tones.

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Sant’Antonio’s Church Complex

“Artistic and extraordinary maintenance restoration of the Church of Sant’Antonio da Padova on Via Giannone of Caserta”



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