San Francesco monastery

San Francesco monastery

This project involves the restoration, recovery and requalification of the Convento di San Francesco di Policastro which is one of the great historical and artistic value monuments located in the municipality of Santa Marina (SA). Despite the importance and historical value, over time this building was not adequately protected, indeed suffered deformation and sometimes certain accretions and incorporated into private artifacts. This administration, very sensitive to the problem, intends to launch a revitalization program and recovery of these masterpieces, for this reason instructed GROMA up with a plan for the recovery and restoration of the Convento di San Francesco for the construction of an archaeological museum, included in the program restoration, recovery and rehabilitation of historic artistic sites for the construction of “Country Museum” in order to recover and reuse in an organic program to start a cultural activity compatible with the structure in question and recovery of rehabilitation of the surrounding areas .

There are several activities involving the recovery and conservation of the monastery as the consolidation of the foundations, through the increase in the base area, or interventions, sometimes by inserting an additional vault made in concrete with steel mesh to improve the Breakdown of loads. Many walls are damaged and this may impair the resistance to the elastic limit, for this, for example, it has been provided for the armed injections, that will improve the sealing and the resistance of the wall itself.

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San Francesco monastery

“Recovery and restoration of the convent San Francesco in order to realize an archaeological museum”


Santa Marina, SA

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