Sewage treatmeant – Caiazzo

Sewage treatmeant – Caiazzo

The project area is located to the east-side of Caiazzo, leading to a small torrential basin, in the middle portion of an extended and articulated side that degrades towards NS with variable slopes, but generally above 10%, and more skewed to the east. The design approach was strongly influenced by the analysis of morphological and geotechnical concerned areas. The project site, in fact is situated on a sloping side toward the narrow valley of the river, bordered by arenitic outcrops and calcareous marl. In particular, the slope portion that slopes down towards the water course denotes a wide band connection with variable slopes which are subjected to deformations. The works involve the construction of a service sewage treatment in the district Giovannizzi of the City of Caiazzo, as well as conveying collectors water plant itself and its emissary tributary to the receiving water body, start up of the plant in object and their management for the total duration of one year. In the review of the project it is planned treatment of rain water which was not foreseen in the final project.

The final design was developed as an “engineering” of the final project based on the bid, of which, it respects the overall approach. However, some design solutions have been developed and technological details introduced: solutions to optimize and improve the project than expected during the definitive design. In particular, different aspects have been considered both as regards the purification plant that the network of sewers. Starting from the treatment plant, it has been changed the planimetric configuration of the system, so to better use the natural slope of the land, wich is the subject of the intervention; it has provided some masonry work for the consolidation of the implant; interior accommodations to the system have been designed with bioengineering techniques, in order to reduce the project’s environmental impact; they will be installed flow meters that allow to monitor the incoming and outgoing flows to the system, thus ensuring greater efficiency of management. Moving on to the network of sewers, some slight variations in the sewer route were introduced to realize, to take account of the problems represented by some singular points; it was established extremely to use which of the sewer piping material, the HDPE CORRUGATED, which offers greater guarantees of mechanical behavior in durability, the technology for the realization of the joints, the resistance to chemical attack, and finally have been designed and offered all manholes, jump, diversion necessary for the proper construction and maintenance of the sewer.
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Sewage treatmeant – Caiazzo

“Construction works for sewage treatment plants in Giovannizzi”


Caiazzo, CE

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