Art institute

Art institute

The Provincial Administration of Caserta has planned the construction of the new School of Art, and has sent a formal request to the City of Marcianise, to find a suitable area for the construction. The building, therefore, will develop on three levels: ground floor, first floor, second floor, with attached toilets divided by gender, as well as those for the teachers and for the disabled. There are 12 classrooms and 8 laboratories, as well as environments to be allocated to administrative functions (secretarial, administrative offices, presidency, etc.). In order to make the institution functional, these are distributed as follows:

• On the first floor are located: all administrative offices (hall, secretarial, management, staff room, custodians rooms, refreshment area, corridors, toilets, and four didactic rooms;
• On the first floor are located: hall, custodians lounges, corridors, toilets, four classrooms, four laboratories;

• On the second floor are located: hall, custodians rooms, corridors, toilets, four classrooms, four laboratories.

Among the proposed improvements, they are listed as follows:

– Implementation of the emergency staircase
– Installing ceilings
– Heating system

– Replacing illuminant bodies
– Correction of thermal bridges

– Water resources management with automatic mixing timed taps and boxes embedded with infrared control

-Attic EPS Plastbau
– Double-glazing solar control
– Management of home automation systems

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Art institute

“Construction work on the new headquarters Art Institute of Marcianisie I and lot II”


Marcianise, CE

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E.08 (L/C), S.06 (l/g), IA.01 (III/a), IA.02 (III/b), IA.04 (III/c)

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