“The blue flag of Litorale Domitio” – Sewers requalification

“The blue flag of Litorale Domitio” – Sewers requalification

The project concerns the functional lot no. 2 referring to the municipalities of Villa Literno, Castel Volturno and Mondragone. The works covered by such a functional part, fall under “The Blue Flag of the Domitian coast”, part of a wider program of “Major Projects and Major Programs” in the Campania Regional Operational Programme ERDF 2007-2013. The aim of this project is to lay new foundations for socio-economic development of the Domitian territory, which presents as a complex intervention, divided into separate but related projects, which all flows to the same goal. The Blue Flag Project is therefore the means by which to achieve a coordinated and synergistic actions to improve the environment, regeneration of large urban areas now degraded and tourist promotion of Domitian Coast / Aurunco / Aurunco . Considering these circumstances, the actions foreseen in the Big Project “TheBlue flag of the Domitian coast” are necessary to achieve and consolidate in a structural manner the requirements of bathing on the coast in an area that, for more than twenty years, “holds the record for the highest percentage of non-bathing coast of Campania”.

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“The blue flag of Litorale Domitio” – Sewers requalification

“Great Project - The blue flag of Litorale Domitio - Functional lot Nr.2 ”


Litorale Domitio, CE

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