Primary infrastructures – P.I.P.

Primary infrastructures – P.I.P.

The municipal government of Caiazzo, according to urban and economic development policies has provided a series of interventions aimed at relaunching the local production system. To achieve this goal, it identified as a priority, the construction of the production facilities for the municipal. The area for the realization of urban agglomeration is located north of the City of Caiazzo in the direction of the municipality of Alvignano, accessible through the SS. 158, the main route connecting the municipalities of the district of the “alto casertano”, is partly used as a crop and partly abandoned in a high state of degradation. The general layout of the PIP is designed for maximum functionality and efficiency, provides for a main access from the SS158 and a secondary road from the flush on the opposite margin. All lots, located along the internal roads have been divided in order to ensure maximum flexibility with respect to an extremely diversified demand. The general program of interventions provides: the realization of the primary and secondary roads with the related sub-services, the water disposal plant, the supply system of the water network, the system for the transmission of data.
Within the project various points have been included in the revised preliminary draft, including the formal and functional redefinition of the traffic island. Specifically, the offer allows for the correct positioning of the island than the storage tank and associated manholes giving the work a real functionality and greater usability; inspection manholes in fact were placed precisely on the island and, to the same, is accessed through a pedestrian path, so as to facilitate maintenance operators. Finally, the inclusion of the info-totem has a double value, which is the first to exploit the most important part of the area P.I.P. object of intervention and secondly to improve the information and directions to those who will benefit the area..

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Primary infrastructures – P.I.P.

“Construction work of the infrastructure of the area production facilities plan in Via Ognissanti”


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