P.U.A. Capaccio

P.U.A. Capaccio

The area identified is located in Capaccio Scalo, near the Municipal Road that runs along the coast via Sterpina. Compared to the two towns the site is located, as the crow flies, about 7 Km from Capaccio main center, while it is only 3 km from the town of Capaccio Scalo, and is included in the urban area of Loc. Laura. The total area affected by is 30,821 square meters and it is adjacent to a fully urbanized area; from a morphological point of view the whole surface is flat and unused, the site presents no morphological or altitude adversity. The project involves the construction on the land of residences and a hotel. In particular, it includes the construction of a hotel to use the building and 14 buildings of modest size distribution within the land lot that fit in this vegetation to the residence. The residences are surrounded by greenery, in a wooded park, with the maintenance of existing plantation. It involves the construction of a vehicular path made of stabilized soil which serves buildings to achieve. It is also provided the construction of parking within the lot, which will be made of vegetable soil compacted with background network. They provide a single types of manufactured for residences, one consisting of a block of eight units on two levels. The residence rooms are made up of a studio and a toilet.
The hotel is on three floors above ground and a basement. On the ground floor the following services are placed: a lobby, bar, living rooms, administrative offices, a dining room. On the first and second floor we found the bedrooms, divided into 48
rooms per floor.The kitchen is located in the basement and connected with the restaurant and the bar; the service rooms (deposits ) over the conference rooms and a wellness center are in the basement too.
The facades will be realized with traditional plaster, tinted or colored in the mass, excluding quartz plastic and similar materials; colorings will be subtle, in order to not create conflicts with the dominant colors and hues of the landscape, and to create a harmonious and homogeneous whole. The vestments are made of local stone cladding. The gutters and downpipes are copper. The fance of the lot will consist of a wooden poles and hedges. The roofs will be flat and with vaulted ceilings, with the installation of wooden pergolas on terraces; the windows will be mounted inside the thickness of the wall and will be in wood (dark wood natural or otherwise).


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P.U.A. Capaccio

“Estate plan, touristic complex - La pineta - Albero Residence”


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