P.U.A. Pontecagnano

P.U.A. Pontecagnano

The area of the project is located in the urban center of the Municipality of Faiano and opens onto the Strada Comunale G. Budetti. The total area affected by is 10.765mq, and falls fully within an urbanized area next to the town hall and the train station, in a central urban node. As regards compliance with the applicable procedures, the specific type of intervention, involves the demolition of an existing building and reconstruction on site; the PUA provides for the replacement building of abandon and buildings for production use with the construction of residential buildings of which not less than thirty percent is destined to social housing. In the project two design solutions have been identified. The solution n ° 1 provides for the identification of two land lots on which are realized three buildings. Lot 1 is expected the construction of a building with 10 floors, while Lot No. 2 the realization of two 7-storey buildings. The second solution provides a greater share of underground parking, increasing the share of urban standards with a slight increase in inhabitants and its airspace achievable. Such design solution involves the identification of two land lots on which are realized three buildings. On the first lot is expected the construction of a building with 10 floors, while in the second lot the construction of two buildings of seven floors above the ground floor. The draft plan identifies the building types; this to avoid inhomogeneities of the interventions and to ensure uniformity and modularity which are the basis of the overall design.

The residences are surrounded by large green areas: it also involves the construction of underground car parks and on the ground floor of the buildings C and D, inside the lot, equal to a box for each unit for a total of 120 boxes. On the ground floor of the buildings s planned to build commercial neighborhood units. The masterplan represented in the drawings illustrates the space requirements and the surfaces of the expected artifacts. The project involves the construction of primary and secondary urbanization works. It involves the construction of a road link with via Budetti which will be finished with a continuous gutters, that will be a stormwater network, and after placing of the asphalt road surface detected and mixed with foundation. It still involves the construction of a parking area, along the way. The areas for car parking will be built with asphalt flooring. To complete, it involves the construction of a green area, through the cleaning of natural terrain, the preparation by mechanical means of the ground for the formation of the turf, seeding and planting of hedgerows. From the point of view of plant engineering it is provided the construction of the public lighting with electrical and telematics parallel network, and the white water collection network, which runs under the gutters.
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P.U.A. Pontecagnano

“Estate plan - Replacement Construction of the production complex ORTOFRUITS 85”


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