P.U.A. San Marco Evangelista

P.U.A. San Marco Evangelista

The Urban Plan Implementations presented here, have the goal of quality of “Retrain the area, both physically and functionally, to create housing with typologies that fits places.” The Plan uses terms of comparison of urban-building, in order to facilitate the quality rather than purely quantitative exercise control and introduces parameters and assessment of environmental type above the transformation effects. The projects start at these general premises contained in the Plan, to characterize the timely intervention with the following project references:

a) An exclusively residential building system that fits the parameter “energy” as the guide for design choices; hence a careful architecture solar design aimed to consider the environmental and climatic factors as determinants because they influence the formal results in relation to the context.

b) The urban design of the lot has been optimized on the basis of terms of evaluation such as guidance, the morphology of the land, fixed obstacles limiting solar radiation, climatic conditions, the planting of trees, etc. These parameters are related in this phase, with the best uptake of solar radiation, subsequently to the scale of the architectural design, the heat loss in buildings.

c) Environmental criteria have composed an inter-sectorally methodology which proposes the creation of a single fund structure built, consists of two types satisfying both criteria of a design-oriented energy conservation and the use of solar energy.
Types constituents buildings, will be provided with possible solar panels on the roof facing south, aiming to photovoltaic energy and solar thermal. In the next scale project, the building will be characterized by the depth of the building, maximum isolation of isolations, elimination of leaks and thermal bridges, limitations overhangs generating shadows, etc. Both operations are regulated by a planning agreement with the property for the implementation of construction projects and the methods of realization and transfer of public spaces.

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P.U.A. San Marco Evangelista

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