Palamolla’s Palace

Palamolla’s Palace

“Palamolla Palace” is located in the center of the City of Torraca and with its mass dominates the historic center. The building has an impressive panoramic view of the green high valley in which you can see the Sapri’s Gulf. Over the years Torraca saw the settling of different populations up to be razed to the ground following the siege of the French troops in 1806. What remains of Torraca after these adverse fortunes? Many things: the place, the environment, the views, the castle, the succession of the field terraces surrounding the dwelling place, the portals and the courts, objects, shapes, flavors, fragrances peasants signs and foundation of a solid recovery and safe. The project aims to recover through an intervention of preservation and restoration of the castle, in particular, it will establish a more functional arrangement and healing to that part of the castle which is subjected to a greater extent on drill ravages of time, as for the coverage, now absent. Here, it is expected the renovation with wooden beams and reinforced concrete slab adequately isolated with sheath. For the rest, for example, as for the vertical divisions, actions will be taken respecting in a complete building in its historical integrity.
The restoration compleatly respect the building by a wall perspective, providing the view for the masonry texture of stones. In other words we want to avoid the formation of compact partition walls, that cause a closing view for the beautiful texture of stones that can be instead an element to display. In the same time, however, it must provide the building’s ability to resist horizontal earthquake actions from (please note that Torraca is framed in a seismic zone II category). This problem is resolved by a technique that involves the construction of vertical singular elements consist of high-strength material in controlled volume which is integrated to the masonry in veins, that surround the outside and inside the masonry. Also in the intermediate fields it is expected to tackle the masonry elements that prevents the release of the two outer wall faces the central lot. Of course, where necessary, operations are expected to sew and undoing made with stones and full bricks with high resistance. The contribution of materials not type masonry or brick will be adequately set back from the edge of the wall and specially shielded by a wall structure similar to the existing one. This problem of course is not evident in the walls consignments that are being plastered.
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Palamolla’s Palace

“Works of recovery and enhancement of the ancient village and the completion of the restoration and recovery of the Palamolla baronial castle and its courtyard”


Torraca, SA

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