Photovoltaic park

Photovoltaic park

The overall program of recovery to social use of the confiscated property to the Camorra in S. Maria La Fossa (EC) is destnated to the “Centre for Documentation and environmental education, ecological island and plants producing energy from renewable sources”. The magnitude of the confiscated and the impossibility of an agricultural land use has forced the “Agrorinasce Consortium” to a redefinition of the production destination in another consistent with the presence of landfills and temporary waste storage sites. The total floor area of the restoration project confiscated to Camorra of Ferrandelle, has four interventions focused on 14 hectares of agricultural land, adjacent to the temporary waste storage site of the former Ferrandelle, assigned to the State Military (a total of about 40 hectares), and the landfill of ‘Maruzzella’ in San Tammaro:

– Conversion of the former farm of the typical products in documentation center and environmental education and ecological island construction
– Implementation of a Photovoltaic Park
– Construction of a biogas plant

Each of modules string is fixed to suitable supporting structures and anchoring to surfaces. They have been provided for the support stands adapted to tilt the panels themselves, in the prescribed inclinations, while ensuring a minimum height above ground level not less than cm. 150.00. The stands as the bolts will be built in hot galvanized steel or aluminum. The structure is suitable for bearing snow loads required by technical requirements, weather resistant. The size, the number and weight of the systems of the installed photovoltaic modules are compatible to the dimensional and structural characteristics and functional intervention. In particular:
– The loads derived from such systems must ensure the stability of the manufactured articles;
– Fixing of solar systems should preserve its integrity and avoid the risk of tipping from wind actions, even exceptional, accidental overloads and must ensure proper rainwater drainage;
– The anchorage must be such as to withstand the action of the wind expected in the areas concerned, avoiding excessive stress, and must be such as to satisfy the static requirements.

Parco fotovoltaico- Groma Ingegneria - 01 Parco fotovoltaico- Groma Ingegneria - 02 Parco fotovoltaico- Groma Ingegneria - 03


Photovoltaic park

“Project of recovery for social and productive use of property confiscated from the Camorra, intended to documentation center and environmental education, ecological island, photovoltaic park and cultivating biomass, in the municipality of Santa Maria la Fossa”


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