Restoration of a complex

Restoration of a complex

S. Giovanni Battista complex, originally, hosted Santa Chiara’s cluster and was built in the early 1601, while the attached town church, dedicated to S. Giovanni Battist, was built between 1640 and 1650. During 1861, with the suppression of the convent, also the church was deconsecrated and closed in 1865. The building, almost entirely owned by the city, is affected by static consolidation and restoration work financed by contributions bestowed in accordance with Law 219/81 given the considerable damage caused by the earthquake of 23 / 11/1980. At present the interior of the building is in its raw state requiring so, the finishing works and plant engineering are required. The city administration intends to devote much of the complex to the “culture” and “restoration” by placing the base tender the following destinations: civic gallery, shops and municipal quarters on the ground floor while on other levels museums, restaurant and related services (reception , meeting room, etc.). The final project includes a summary of the realization of finishes as well as improvements related in particular to the installations (electrical, fire, smoke detectors, technical measures to avoid intrusions, etc…). Important decisions were also made at the architectural level, among which is expected, among other things, the elimination of architectural barriers and the arrangement of outer space.sezione colorata
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Restoration of a complex

“Restorations works of the monumental complex of S. Giovanni Battista”


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