City park

City park

The main guide line considered, in the preparation of the architectural design, was to bring together the functional demands linked to the quantitative implementation of the required spaces, with the entire area, this in order to achieve the goal of not affect the functionality of ‘whole system, using an organic system of relations between the spaces existing and those to be implemented. The intervention area is accessible via the public road which circumscribes it completely; such a link, from the top, allowing pedestrian access to the area, while the bottom (downstream) allows a partial usability parking. The intervention area, in full respect of the preliminary design assumptions, it can basically be divided into four sectors planimetrically, integrated together in a harmonious way, through the geometric shape of the area itself, by way of the “heart”:

1. Area for aggregative and social activities, on two levels;

2. Commercial activities area, on two levels;
3. Office area, on five levels;
4. Area for parking on two levels..

The choice of the materials and colors characterizing the architectural complex is determined by the awareness of avoid distortion of the context in which is going to operate and at the same time by the desire to enhance it, thanks to the continuous presence of green areas that surround the area with evergreen trees and tall trees. We opted for natural coating materials such as stone and tuff alternating with glass giving lightness and transparency to the entire complex. the large windows of the volume of offices, facades, allow interiors to be naturally lit well as modular. The office block, which rises in the south of the site area is plastered and painted with a soft “Siena yellow” that stands in harmony with the three outer sides to consist of ventilated facades. These last have coated stone panels and glass panels, that alternate creating geometries that are repeated on each modular facade. The Santafiora, constituting the stone panel, looks like stone from the warm tones with the characteristic to give to the realizations,evocative and natural polychrome effects, that give it considerable aesthetic effects.

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City park

“Urban renewal of the city park”


Roccadaspide, SA

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E.19 (I/d), S.06 (I/g), IA.01 (III/a), IA.02 (III/b), IA.03 (III/c), V.03 (6b)

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