Road underpass with roundabout junction

Road underpass with roundabout junction

The project location is the intersection between road “Ex SS. 265 Ponti della Valle”and “Nola I and II part”. This intersection has got macroscopic issues, such as unregulated entries, poor lighting, horizontal and vertical signage, diversity of vehicle flows between the axes involved and a lack of public green. The public tender project concerns transformation of the intersection from a simple grafting to a circle under which it will be built an underpass in the direction of Caserta. The regulamentation of the traffic flow is obtained by the construction of two circles that increases the vehicular capacity and journey lengths of the branches, a total advantage of the flow of vehicles. This realization permits to decrease the ring circulatory (10.50 but 8.00m) and the outer diameter (from 47 but 43m) so as to be able to merge the traffic from section 4 (Maddaloni) along the SS Ex. 265 Ponti della Valle before the bridge. In addition, the fruit and vegetable market will have both exits on the branch from Benevento then in Via Cancello, while it will have entrances in Via Cancello from all directions while dedicated input from Benevento (important flow of heavy vehicles).

After our traffic study at peak times we have established that it is possible to prevent the expansion of the railway overpass and this has brought significant benefits in terms of economic, environmental and timing of site management . Moreover, it possible, by realizing the two roundabouts, to decrease the circulatory loop ( from mt 10.50 to mt 8.00 ) and the outer diameter (from mt 47 to mt 43) in order to drive traffic from section 4 ( Maddaloni) along the SS Ex . 265 Ponti della Valle before the bridge . The flooring choice in the roundabout has fallen on a rigid flooring type as it is more powerful while for the roads in the underpass and branches of roundabouts a flooring of flexible type is provided , as a function of the total number of commercial vehicles transiting to thirtieth year and in function of the resilient modulus of the substrate. Finally, the project will generate significant improvements especially related to the technology (eg. LEDBLOK system), realization and security.

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Road underpass with roundabout junction

" Final design, execution and implementation of the works of the roundabout junction between SP 335, former SS265 of “Ponti della Valle” and the SP. 8 Nola first and second section "


Maddaloni, CE

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