Tunnel and viaduct

Tunnel and viaduct

Arianese territory great extension (186 square kilometers) where the towns of Valle dell’Ufita and Baronia and the area to the east, that the most peripheral of the Daunia persist, has been, since ancient times the center of gravity of the traffic between Campania and Puglia. This area has undergone considerable reduction of traffic for the presence in the area Ufitana of a large artery, such as the highway NA-BA, that in the West area, while remianing in the joint the road SS 90 of considerable importance. It is expected in the final draft of the construction of the Junction Manna di Ariano between Ariano and the industrial area of Valle Ufita, called Manna – Tre Torri which features Extraurbana secondary roada, to reach the area of the Martiri, swerving around the urban center of Ariano. The final draft agreed had many problems, so on this basis analyzed, were prepared the detailed design of the first functional lot, that markedly differs, especially in certain characteristic points of inclusion of the work into the territorial context, especially expected: new configuration of the junction called “Manna”, insert art more (viaducts) on the main track, repositioning of Junction called “Cardito” and reconfiguration of the same with new graft. 01_b_n 03 09


Tunnel and viaduct

“Construction works of the road linking Valle Ufita - Camporeale - Faeto, 1st functional lot Manna - Junction Ariano Irpino”


Ariano Irpino, AV

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V.03 (VI/b), S.04 (IX/b), S.06 (IX/c), S.05 (IX/c), S.06 (I/g), S.03 (I/g)

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