Multi-purpose building for the culture

Multi-purpose building for the culture

The City of Santa Marina, in implementation of the upgrading program for urban areas in the village of Policastro Bussentino, issued directives for the elaboration and implementation of a project aimed to urban renewal and commissioning of the Safety former elementary school in Via Duomo, in the village of Policastro and to realize a multi-purpose building to be used as a conference room and theater in general and to socio-cultural activities also outside school type. The work covered by this project, as mentioned, concerns the redevelopment of the former elementary school on Via Duomo in Policastro Bussentino and the construction of a multipurpose building to be used for social and cultural activities also outside school (theater, conference room, cultural activities and music, etc …); because of technical difficulties in adapting the existing building to the legislation on static and fire safety; to reduce energy consumption, and in view of the new requirements of the Administration, was scheduled the demolition of the building to the state in disuse; this choice was confirmed, among other things, by the poor architectural quality, the poor quality of materials and the conservation of the property and area.
The project has taken as a reference, the roads alignments: an architectural composition is reached detecting a main building and two buildings lined the street and lowered compared to the first. The main body is intended for theater, music and projection room, and includes: the stalls and gallery, open to the public, and the area reserved to the scene, inaccessible to the public, which contains the real scene and its ancillary areas (storage, dressing rooms, laboratories, equipment rooms). The two parts communicate, each other, only through the proscenium and two local disengagement, each closed by doors, fireproof and self-closing reserved for service personnel. The warehouse communicates directly with the scene through the door fireproof, automatically closing. The other part of the building, the one with the longitudinal axis along the northern side, aligned with the municipal road, one level, raised by about 50 cm over the public space in front, includes: the foyer and café-Ticket, a multipurpose hall and toilets for the audience. Finally, the third part of the building, the one with the eastern wall aligned with the Santa Marina Policastro-road, includes an information point (Info Point), for the promotion of cultural and social events and demonstrations in support of tourism activities in the Gulf of Policastro. R_2 sez_long sp_01


Multi-purpose building for the culture

“Works of security, urban regeneration area ex - elementary schools Via Duomo and realization of multipurpose building”


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